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10/12/2012 1:08:00 PM

TA is ratified, Implementation Schedule, Vacancy/Displacement Bid, MEC Meeting on October 14 at ALPA BOD, Security Committee and Budget Oversight Committee vacancies, need volunteers


October 12, 2012

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  • TA is ratified
  • Implementation Schedule
  • Vacancy/Displacement Bid
  • MEC Meeting on October 14 at ALPA BOD
  • Security Committee and Budget Oversight Committee vacancies, need volunteers.

With a ratified TA, much work remains to be completed. Establishing the Joint Implementation Committee as well as working out effective dates for several tenets of the TA are just a few items that are being worked on.


From The Chairman


Fellow American Eagle Pilots:

Following Monday’s announcement that the tentative agreement had been ratified, we began working with management on finalizing implementation.  The immediate priorities are to obtain approval of the new agreement from the bankruptcy court, format the contract changes into the final print version, work with management on a final implementation timeline, and establish the Joint Implementation Committee.

We expect to have the implementation timeline towards the end of October and will publish it as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, please continue to reference the language contained in your ALPA pilot contract.

On another front, management began processing the current vacancy / displacement bid award on Friday morning.  This award is currently scheduled to be completed on Tuesday and the preliminary award should be posted that afternoon or the following day.  This bid award includes the displacement of all LAX EMB and all MIA ATR pilots.  Because of the magnitude of this award, please double check the posted award regardless of whether you specifically entered a vacancy or displacement bid.

With reference to MIA, the last flight for the ATR in MIA will occur on November 15th.  Management has informed us that they intend to use partial-month TDY to SJU for a number of displaced MIA ATR pilots.  In addition, the company will offer a number of TDY options from MIA to SJU ATR each month, beginning in December and ending in March.  If there are an insufficient number of volunteers, then management will involuntarily TDY.

With reference to LAX, the LAX EMB-140 fleet will be relocated to other Eagle domiciles on November 14th.  November hard lines have just been completed and contain regular LAX flying from November 1st through the 14th.For the flying that occurs from the 15th through the 30th, all LAX sequences will begin and end with a deadhead.  LAX reserve pilots will be sent on a partial month TDY during that period.

We are still waiting on final decisions from management about December, but it appears that all displaced LAX pilots who were awarded the EMB in a different domicile will have that displacement effective beginning with the December schedule.  LAX pilots who require training for their ‘displaced to’ equipment will be TDY’d to another EMB status until their training begins.  Management has also informed us that they intend to TDY LAX pilots to the domicile to which they are displacing, with the exception of SJU ATR.

This Sunday, the MEC will convene for its regularly scheduled meeting just prior to the beginning of ALPA’s Board of Directors meeting.  The agenda of this MEC meeting is on the EGL-ALPA website and includes direction from the MEC on AQP and assistance to low-time first officers in obtaining the minimum requirements for the ATP license.




Tony Gutierrez
Captain Tony Gutierrez
MEC Chairman


MEC Committee Vacancies


The MEC is currently looking for volunteers to fill vacancies on the Security Committee as well as the Budget Oversight Committee. There is one volunteer needed to Chair the Security Committee as well as two volunteers to Chair and staff the Budget Oversight Committee.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these positions, please send your interest and a resume to eglmec@alpa.org


American Eagle MEC Mission Statement


The mission of the American Eagle MEC, as a unified and proactive group, is to defend and advance the careers of all Eagle pilots.  We will promote the long term success of our airline, while setting the standard for safety in the industry.


Your MEC Leadership




Contact Information



Tony Gutierrez


Vice Chairman

Dave Ryter

(877) EGL-ALPA


Secretary Treasurer

Gaston Valdovinos

(877) EGL-ALPA


Executive Administrator

Brian Sweep

(877) EGL-ALPA



Your LEC Representatives


Council 83 Chairman
CA Rep

Val Jester

(940) 300-4234


Council 83 Vice-Chairman
FO Rep

Kelly Paul

(903) 641-1608


Council 105 Chairman
CA Rep

Erin Holman

(787) 469-1426


Council 105 Vice-Chairman
FO Rep

John Dwyer

(787) 246-6686


Council 114 Chairman

Tim Berberich

(817) 726-3522


Council 114 Vice-Chairman

Mike Ackerman

(817) 798-4352


Council 121 Chairman
CA Rep

Phil Valente

(919) 696-7112


Council 121 Vice-Chairman
FO Rep

Sam Pool

(321) 345-3325


Council 126 Chairman
CA Rep

Pete Wallace

(561) 512-1772


Council 126 Vice-Chairman
FO Rep

Luis Caicedo

(754) 581-0113


Council 131 Chairman
FO Rep

Herb Mark

(760) 401-1255


Council 131 Vice-Chairman
CA Rep

Bill Sprague

(253) 632-1973


Council 133 Chairman
CA Rep

Frank Kletecka

(815) 621-3424


Council 133 Vice-Chairman
FO Rep

Ryan Nichols

(972) 765-2882



*To reach a representative via ASPEN please dial (888) FLY-ALPA


Your P2P Volunteers: http://eagle.alpa.org/p2p


Council 83

Charles Cornwell

Christopher Ramirez

Ronald Chisum

Angel Torres

Leigh Harlan

Josh Crowley

Justin Ingersoll

William Livingston

David Streit



Council 105

Elias Marzan

Gerardo Olmeda



Council 121

Junaid Javed

Sandra Hintze

Glen Eggert

Christian Barone

Michael Crim

Matthew Donoghue

Paul Leonardi

Spencer Rowe

John Dunning



Council 126

Jennifer Coull

James Funderburk

Roque Soto

Michael Hannapel

Joseph Anthony

Jose Ocasio

Matthew Brauen

Marco Echeverry

John Fisher



Council 133

Aaron Chernenko

Chris Murray

Ronald Ranola

Jeff Cortez

Christopher Holtwick

Joe Kreutzer

Neal Mallam

Andrew Ross

Michael Schneider

Stephanie Wagner

Joshua Brown

Matthew Crowding

Bryant Jasperson

Charles Vaughn



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