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10/19/2012 1:10:00 PM

ALPAs 44th Board of Directors meeting comes to a close this week and the EGL MEC was in session during the BOD. Negotiating committee to begin work on AQP, JIC, and PWG. Vacancy/Displacement bid has closed and results are posted on JetNet.

October 19, 2012

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  • ALPA BOD comes to a close
  • Vacancy/Displacement Bid closes

ALPAs 44th Board of Directors meeting comes to a close this week and the EGL MEC was in session during the BOD. Negotiating committee to begin work on AQP, JIC, and PWG. Vacancy/Displacement bid has closed and results are posted on JetNet.


From The Chairman


Fellow American Eagle Pilots,

Last Sunday, the MEC convened for its regularly scheduled meeting prior to the commencement of ALPA's Board of Directors' meeting. Both meetings lasted through Thursday.

It was helpful having this meeting in conjunction with the BOD meeting as the BOD was largely forward looking and helped the MEC move its focus from the struggles of the past year to the less more normal challenges of the future. In addition, two members were elected to the MEC's currently vacant Budget Oversight Committee.

All of the Board of Director initiatives are available on ALPA.org for your review and the introductory video for the meeting is available via this link, but we did want to highlight one particular item. For well over a year, there has been a discussion between carriers who have defined pension plans, including frozen plans, and carriers who have only a 401(k). The genesis of the debate is founded in ALPA policy that exempts defined pensions from being subject to ALPA dues. Similarly, for those airlines who do not have defined pensions, monies place into 401(k) plans are also exempt from dues. Following 9/11, those carriers whose defined pensions were frozen, began using 401(k) plans as their primary source of retirement but because they still had a defined pension (despite it being frozen), they are unable to exempt money placed into 401(k) plans from dues. In the opinion of the Eagle MEC, the appropriate remedy for this very specific issue is to allow those carriers who have frozen pension plans to exempt 401(k) contributions from dues. Unfortunately, and despite the EGL MEC's unanimous vote otherwise, two-thirds of the ALPA BOD voted to stop exempting any monies contributed to 401(k) plans from ALPA dues. To soften this blow, ALPA's BOD elected to reduce our dues percentage from 1.95% to 1.9%, which although a positive step, is insufficient to completely offset the net dues increase for those who contribute to their 401(k). This is the democratic process and therefore, we will support the will of the majority, despite our preference for a more appropriately targeted solution. This change will take effect on January 1, 2013.

The negotiating committee will soon reengage with management on AQP in the hopes that we can finalize an agreement in short order that allows for the initiation of special trials. Simultaneously, we will be assembling the Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) and ALPA members for the PBS Working Group (PWG).

Last, but by no means least, this week, management completed the vacancy / displacement award that results in the closure of the LAX domicile and the MIA ATR status. It is important to highlight some specific details with reference to these closings. November bid lines in LAX will contain normal LAX sequences for the first half of November, while the sequences in the second half of the month will start and end with a deadhead. The actual aircraft will be moved overnight by reserve pilots on the 14th. LAX pilots holding a reserve line for November will be polled in seniority order regarding where they prefer to be TDY for the second half of November. This polling will begin on October 26th, so if you are awarded a November reserve line, please be considering your domicile preference for your partial month TDY. Displaced LAX pilots who are simple base transfers will have a December 1st effective date. Displaced LAX pilots whose displacement status requires training will be placed on TDY to the same domicile to which they are ultimately being displaced. The exception to this is those pilots who displaced to SJU ATR. The company is still discussing where to TDY those LAX pilots while they await training.

With reference to MIA ATR, all MIA ATR pilots who are on reserve for the month of November will be sent partial-month TDY to SJU ATR for the second half of November. We do not yet know management's plans for displaced ATR pilots who require training, but will pass along that information as soon as it becomes available.

As I wrap up this hotline, I want to express to you what many, if not all of your MEC members heard throughout the week at this week's BOD. Representatives from numerous other MECs, both mainline and regional, and ALPA staff repeatedly tracked down your MEC members to both congratulate them on, and thank them for the bankruptcy agreement reached with Eagle management. It was clear that other MEC's are closely watching the bankruptcy at Eagle and are very relieved at the minimal concessions that we agreed to during such a critical time for regional airlines. At the very time that your representatives were receiving these compliments from their counterparts, the Pinnacle MEC was engaged in their 1113 hearing in the same court that has our bankruptcy case. Our brothers and sisters at Pinnacle are in the fight of their life and need the support of their ALPA brothers and sisters. We are extremely grateful for the Eagle pilots who attended the Pinnacle hearing and the Pinnacle MEC wanted us to express their appreciation to you.

Finally, a few of our brothers and sisters at Delta Airlines run a foundation for children with cancer called the Rally Foundation. This longstanding foundation is extremely successful and has helped countless children and families fighting this life threatening disease. As we approach the holidays, I want to ask a personal favor from each of you. If you will select the link below, watch the associated YouTube video on the Rally Foundation Facebook page, and then either "like," "share," or "retweet" the link, the Robert Mondavi winery will donate one dollar every time. You are certainly free to donate money to the Rally Foundation if you are so moved, but I ask that at the very least, each of you watch and "like" the video and by doing so, raise a dollar for the Rally Foundation without one cent coming out of your pocket. If you are willing to forward this link, you can keep the contributions coming. Click here to view this moving video. The video we need you to watch is not of the young couple but of the little girl dancing and is titled "Rally Foundation Fun Music Video." You will need to sign into Facebook in order to view this video. Thank you for your assistance with this important project.




Tony Gutierrez
Captain Tony Gutierrez
MEC Chairman



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